BNB Mechanical Engineering GmbH

March 2020

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February 2014

Dynamic Mixer with magnetic clutch has successfully finish the test runs

Advantages compared to execution with mechanical seal:

  • No Mechanical seal, 100 % no leakage, an essential advantage especially when expensive pressurized barrier systems are required
  • Rotor with ceramic bearings and dry running properties

We will be pleased to offer you a mixer for test purposes.

May 2009

AquaMix with pump for liquid polymer without sealing

After extensive trials we are operating various AquaMix with pumps without mechanical sealing successfully in paper mill 24/7 operation.

Main advantages of new pump:

  • No mechanical seal
  • Smooth product transportation as nearly no shearing force
  • Good suction performance
  • Build- in the frame of the AquaMix
  • Pump can be easily mounted into operational AquaMix or similar units without electrical changes (usage of existing 3-phases frequency inverter); Only minor adjustments of the control parameters are advisable
  • Suitable for 24/7 operation with long maintenance intervals

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