BNB Mechanical Engineering GmbH

AquaMix is a single stage, continuously operating polymer dissolution unit for liquid polymer. It allows instant inline application of the polymer solution to a separation process. Tanks, metering pumps, and secondary dilution units are no longer required.

There are many advantages of the AquaMix polymer station compared to standard products available on the market, especially are to be noticed:

  • Homogeneous fully developed polymer solution realized by high, directly introduced mixing energy
  • Better separation with better utilisation of the product
  • exact metering of polymer by mass-flow meter, no over- or under-dosage; operation exactly on the edge
  • polymer economizing and decreased costs
  • design for continuous operation (24/7) for long lifetime especially in paper mills (retention agent inverting)
  • concentration and capacity can be changed instantly)
  • low maintenance
  • compact design for small spaces (12 m³/h high developed solution on floor space of 1,5 x 1.2 m)
  • AquaMix is delivered ready for usage for quick commissioning (especially for trails)
It is our pleasure to provide the AquaMix for your own trials and bridging of shut downs, just ask us